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Welcome to LASSO – Lititz Area Social and Service Opportunities!


We corralled information on clubs, civic groups and nonprofit organizations in the greater Lititz area so that members of the public can easily explore opportunities for social and volunteer engagement in the community.

Because the creation of a centralized list of community organizations is one of the community enhancement opportunities recommended by the Lititz/Warwick Joint Strategic Comprehensive Plan, the Lititz Rotary Club and the Lititz Public Library have partnered with the strategic planners to fulfill this goal by developing a wik that allows individuals to readily search through this roundup of information.


To locate information about a group or organization, simply click on the links at the left. You can also do a keyword search by using the box at the top right corner. To return to the main category listing, click on the LASSO icon at left.


What is a wik? A wik is software that allows users to create and edit information. Anyone with basic wordprocessing skills can contribute, making it a great tool for creating a community of people sharing information.


If your nonprofit organization is not listed, email me the name of the organization along with your name and contact  information. I will set up a page for your organization. I will give you a user name and password so that you can edit your page.

To add information or make changes to your page, click the Edit Page icon on the page toolbar. You will now see a simple, but very sophisticated rich text (WYSIWYG) editor. Changing the content of the page is as simple as typing your text and clicking Save in the editor's toolbar (top left). This will save your changes and close the editor.  

Also, if you need assistance in accessing and/or editing your page, please feel free to contact me through the email address below or by calling me at 626-2255.

Thank you,

Sallie Rihn
















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